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Meet Eva

A world renowned and honored designer

Eva Zeisel was born in Budapest, Hungary on November 13, 1906. She passed away on December 20, 2011. She was 105. During her career, she became a world renowned and honored designer. The most prestigious of all Eva’s accolades came in 2005 when she received the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement by the National Design Museum, Smithsonian. At 99 years old, she could have used the award to bring closure to a very successful and productive career. However, Eva chose to continue to design new works of art to share with all of us. Eva Zeisel Originals, LLC offers many of these new designs.

Distinctive fluid and graceful style

Each design reflects Eva Zeisel’s distinctive fluid and graceful style. Her designs are shown in museums and sold in stores all over the world. The curves on the furniture, dinnerware, and candlestick holders are extensions of her earlier works and, yet, feel fresh and timeless. The world is, undoubtedly, a more beautiful place because of her warmth and sensuous objects. People will forever know her simply as Eva Zeisel, but I have the pleasure of calling her my grandmother.

What people are saying

I absolutely love Eva Zeisel’s designs. I did a bit of research about her life and her designs last year. I also found her wonderful presentation on Ted Talks, which was especially enjoyable. She was a delightful woman as well as being an exceptionally talented designer – L. Parker

So glad to have found you! Bought classic century at C&B when it launched and now, 8 years later, need to fill in on chipped pieces or dropped and broken ones. Still Love this timeless design. – A. Pfau

“Thank you so much for being helpful in this process — at the wedding on July 9th, we had multiple people comment to us not only how cool the china was that we had on our registry (which we totally knew already) but also how after calling your company and speaking with you how great the experience was. No doubt all those good feelings just contributed to how great that day was and so thanks for being cool too!” – Caleb and Mike

“What a wonderful legacy she has left to all of us who use her creations” T. Latham

“I LOVE the Century Collection! Eva Zeisel was such a great inspiration to me!”. -Florentian N. »
“The last one hundred years is undoubtedly a more beautiful place because of her warmth and sensuous objects”. – Adam Zeisel. Eva’s Story »
“The Hungarian artist, at 103, is being lauded like a mid-career phenom” – Oprah Magazine Eva’s Story »
“As collectors seek out her new and vintage designs, Zeisel continues to breathe warmth, ingenuity and enthusiasm into the modernist movement that parallels her eventful life in Europe and the United States” Eva’s Story »
“How wonderful to be the grandson of such an impactful designer as Eva Zeisel! I first encountered her work through a cream pitcher and over the years, I’ve enjoyed so much learning more about her life and her work. Thank you for continuing to produce her beautiful, organic, playful designs!” – J. Church

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